My name is Nikola Zivkovic, one of the founders of Adfinitum.

I will be fast. I know you are here because you want your business to grow. And you’re in the right place.

This is my story.

I opened Adfinutum with my brother less than 2 years ago. I left the safe job of manager at one farm to devote to this job, and I didn’t regret a moment.

I admit it was difficult at first. The two of us started a business with € 200 in our pocket. The first job we did was a web site for our agency. After that, we offered services, called yellow pages, and got our first job.

They didn’t pay us.

But we did the first job. And we were happy.

Today we have more than 50 clients and numerous SEO and paid campaigns. The agency employs more than 14 people, who are ready to come up with the best strategy for you and show you that your business is just the BORDER.


We help businesses, large and small, to dominate their industries in the online world by implementing online marketing strategies that aim to always look a few steps ahead. Because only in this way we can be sure that it will result in increased sales.


Your rapid progress is a testament to ourselves that we know that we are doing our job and that we can guarantee growth to other companies in the future. And with each client who increases their sales, we rise another step up!

The online marketing plan offered by Adfinitum is a legal shortcut to a sales explosion. The money you invest in your business comes back at the speed of light.

Because we don’t let everything just stay on the story.

WE WORK! Every day. For each client.

Every year we set ourselves the goal of being better than the previous ones because we know if we are better and you will be!